Stories of Building Hardware

On this page you can read little stories about life of people in computer hardware manufacturing, what they see, what’s important to them, where they travel, and more.

Story 9
Making YOU stand out!
 Toronto, CA | September 12, 2016
“Scientific” design for a company.
Artistic design for a dance class.
Red Cross also used it for their Canadian operations.

During time, a lot of small, medium and large companies used HEXA’s customization services to make their logos, designs and company’s identity stand out when used on a quality tablet or computer. Some of the designs are artsy, scientific or even strange. We thought we share some of them with you. These designs show how creativity matters when businesses try to find avenues to appear different from the crowd and make a strong statement when it comes to brand recognition.

Story 8
Intel sent HEXA the acknowledgement of being a Platinum Technology Provider
HEXA is Platinum!
 Toronto, CA | August 30, 2016

We received a glass-enclosed note from Intel that endorses HEXA as a Platinum Partner. What does this mean?!

Intel chooses companies as Technology Providers. These are companies who develop technological products based on Intel’s chipsets and processors. Being a Platinum Technology Provider means that we have developed and delivered products with Intel processors, in large scale and with world-class technology.

Clearly we wouldn’t be able to do so without support from our partners, employees and of course, our customers and the trust they had in us. Kudos to all of them!

Story 7
Quantum of the Seas, the most technologically advanced cruiseship in the world.
Quantum of the Seas, the most technologically advanced cruiseship in the world.
Connecting people on oceans with their families
 Toronto, CA | August 12, 2016

Those who work on cruise ships spend months and months on the ocean without being able to see their families and friends.  With the advanced technologies offered on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas cruise ship, HEXA was able to connect all employees on the ship to their families using Microsoft Skype. All crew members received a HEXA tablet that enabled them use satellite high speed internet and get in touch with family and friends. No more missing friends and families because of work.

Quantum of the Seas is packed with advanced technologies. Here is the bionic bar that allows you to order your drinks from a tablet station and the robotic arms will make the drink for you as you ordered. See more features of the ship in this video aside from the tablets HEXA built for the employees.
Story 6
Hard Work Pays Off!
 Toronto, CA | July 07, 2016

In 2015, HEXA delivered a great number of devices all across the world. We had super happy customers who were returning to us for even more. There was tremendous amounts of effort put behind all these projects to turn them into success. Our efforts were recognized by Microsoft and we were the Growth Hacker!

HEXA’s recognition by Microsoft.
HEXA’s recognition by Microsoft.
Story 5
Electronics pieces everywhere.
Electronics pieces everywhere.
Huaqiangbei market has several floors. It is basically like a highrise where different electronics are sold at each level.
Huaqiangbei market has several floors. It is basically like a highrise where different electronics are sold at each level.
The Largest Electronics Market in the World
 Shenzhen, CH | July 06, 2016

One of HEXA’s offices is located in Shenzhen city in China, where at least 80% of electronics in the world is produced.
In Shenzhen, there is an electronics market named Huaqiangbei, pronounced huá qiáng běi. This is by far the largest electronics market in the world. You can find the smallest components all the way to finished products.

Story 4
Factory line C, timesheet.
Factory line C, timesheet.
Time Is Of Essence!
 Shenzhen, CH | June 29, 2016

At the factory, each production line is dedicate to a specific order. There is one person whose responsibility is to schedule the production schedule and write it on the board. The production managers will then know how to organize the productions.

Story 3
 Shenzhen, CH | June 28, 2016

For assembling LCDs and touch panels, we need a dust-free and particles-free environment. This is where cleanrooms are necessary. In a cleanroom, workers are required to cover their hair and face in order to avoid any possible particles getting on the LCDs or touch screens. Before entering the cleanrooms, workers pass a wind chamber where all dust will be cleaned off their clothing. The cleanroom is ventilated and the workers work inside vacuum hoods.

A cleanroom at HEXA.
A cleanroom at HEXA.
Story 2
A clean and professional production line is the key to achieve the best results.
A HEXA Production Line in China– June 23, 2016
How We Build the Magic!
 Shenzhen, CH | June 06, 2016

Clean and organized; every worker and staff wears a clean, color coded lab coat. Blue coats are worn by QC engineers, pink ones worn by assembly workers and the line engineers wear white. This way it would be easy to organize the production lines. In case any of the people with blue or pink lab coats run into any issue, they know they can reach anyone with a white lab coat.
Everyone knows his/her work procedure. The procedure is also printed and attached next to the person’s workstation for easy access.

Story 1
Stories of branded tablets right off the production line
Branded tablets right off the production line.
Happy and tired after a large production!
Happy and tired after a large production!
A Corner of Customization
 Toronto, CA | May 12, 2016

The 8 inch Spring tablet with the metallic back is the most popular tablet from HEXA for custom branding. We are the only company in North America that offers this solution to small and medium size businesses. The process is simple, when a customer sends us their logo, we get our designers behind it. They will send the final design to the customer and after approval, it will hit the production. Tony and Peter are experts in customizing any tablet and are in charge of Canadian operations.