Return Policies

If you are returning a product, please make sure to read the following:

Where did you buy the product?

If purchased from a retail store, please return it to the retail store. Make sure to bring the purchase receipt too. If bought directly from HEXA, proceed to number 2.


Bought the product directly from HEXA?

If you purchased the product from HEXA, returns will be accepted within a 7-day period. After that period, products can only be returned if they are defective. Make sure to include all accessories, including the original box, when returning the product. Need to know how to arrange a return? Go to number 3.


How do I arrange a return?

HEXA accepts returns within 7 days of the original purchase date or if the product is defective. If you want to return a product, simply contact Hexa at A simple guide will be sent to you indicating how to return the product to HEXA for a repair or refund.


Don't know what to do when returning?

If you are unsure what to do when returning a product, it always helps to contact us first. Simply write to We will get in touch with you to help within the same day.