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Efficiency at every level


Offer your best services consistently anywhere.


Portable and stationary systems to serve your members throughout your club.


With any budget your services reach anywhere in the club.


Improve speed and accuracy of services and increase customer satisfaction.

The Best Systems For Clubs

HEXA Club Product Discount - Spring 8

Spring 8

Perfect for:
Portable Club Management

HEXA Club Product Discount - Maple 8

Maple 8

Perfect for:
Portable and Stationary Club Management

HEXA Club Product Discount - Maple 10

Maple 10

Perfect for:
Portable and Stationary Club Management

HEXA Club Product Discount - Maple Box

Maple Box

Perfect for:
Stationary Club Management Software

HEXA Club Product Discount - ToughMini


Perfect for:
Inventory Management Software

Efficient Technology Built for Clubs

HEXA Jonas Club Software - Golf Clubs Whether it is by the cabana or in the dining halls, you need to make sure your members are served the way it makes them feel like world-class executives. You need to bring convenience to them rather than making them work for their orders. After all, your members are at the club to enjoy their time, either on leisure or business.

To achieve this, your club needs to have the right and efficient technology. Jonas Club Software is a globally proven software for club management that would not only help you remain on the top of your promises to your members but also makes it easier for you to serve your club’s profitability.

If your club uses Jonas to offer state-of-the-arts services to its members, you will need to run your operations on a piece of computer hardware that is in the same class as Jonas and with design built for efficient club operations.

HEXA’s solutions have solid track record in hospitality including hotels, restaurants and  the cruise industry. The technology developed by HEXA and for clubs is made with unbeatable prices and with high standards of reliability and durability.