The Smart Way to Project

Business Efficiency

Get things done. A practical Windows 10 computer that fits in your purse or pockets ready to project your next PowerPoint presentation.

Anywhere Entertainment

Skip the installation. Dim the lights, butter the popcorn and enjoy your entertainment, hassle-free.

Effortless Education

Time is valuable. Prepare, practice and present on one device. No setup, no data transfer between devices, no cables or connections.

Tradeshow Displays

Visually display your company products in action at your booth. It’s more effective that any leaflet or brochure.

Hospitality & Restaurants

Monetize any wall of your hotel or restaurant by projecting the next big sports event or show.

Amazing Artists

Set up your art workshop anywhere, project your inspiration on any wall, turn your art to wonder.

Your Imagination is Your Limit

HEXA Eclipse - Conference and meeting

Conference & Meeting

Start your meetings with a WOW. Turn any room into your conference room. No set-up required. Save all your files on Eclipse, edit them, and present them anywhere.

Projection Mapping

Project and map your inspiration anywhere. This portable and no-fuss unit starts with a touch and lets and let's you project instantly. Whether you're around the city, in a workshop or a studio, you should not have to worry about setting up the stage.

HEXA Eclipse - Projection Mapping
HEXA Eclipse - Entertainment

Entertainment, even Outdoors

No bulk, no external devices, no cables, no prior setup. Dim the lights and enjoy your favorite movie or sports event on a massive 80 inch screen on one slim, portable unit that does it all. Even outdoors.

Dorms and Residences

Move in to your college dorm room with you TV in your bag. Enjoy your entertainment and when move out day rolls around just pack it in your bag and head out.

HEXA Eclipse - Residences
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  • HEXA Eclipse - Using Many cables
    Go from: Many cables
    HEXA Eclipse - No Cables Required
    To: No cables
  • HEXA Eclipse - Protablity


    Small and light. Fits in any bag.

  • HEXA Eclipse - Used in anywhere and anytime


    Prestigious boardroom projector and PC.

  • HEXA Eclipse - Enjoy show and movie without TV

    Ready to Go

    Home theatre can be at your kitchen