Impress your clients in 5 seconds

The first few seconds of your sales conversation is critical. Do not waste your time setting up a projector. Eclipse sarts in a glimpse.

Be unforgettable to sell more.

The 1% most successful sales people have only one goal on their mind; to remain memorable. Eclipse is unique and will make your clients never forget you.

Never miss a chance to put your best foot forward.

Eclipse is light and small. You can pack it in your bag and present your work whenever needed, wherever needed and to anyone.

What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is a computer.

touch_app With a 5-point touchscreen.
wifi wifi.
bluetooth bluetooth.
battery_full and a lasting battery.

That fits in your everyday bag.


And is made better with a projector

that turns on brightness_low with a touch.

And even better with:

volume_up built-in speakers,
usb USB for any add-ons,
settings_input_hdmi HDMI input, to project image from any other device too.

More features? Yes! There's lots more >

Your Imagination is Your Limit

For any space, big or small.

Just point Eclipse at the wall.

Small enough to pack in your bag, ready for your next big thing.

Never miss a chance to put your best foot forward.

Your time is precious.
Maximize your efficiency.

Entrepreneurs said, we listened.

Setup you pitch presentation in a whim and keep your audience focused.

And we didn't forget quality family entertainment