Additional Revenue From Clubs

Business Efficiency

Clubs have up to 35% of under-utilized spaces. You may turn it to a conference room and profit.

Portable Presentation

Your members are willing to pay for prestigious boardroom with efficient projection technology anywhere in the offices.

Effortless Setup

Unlike other projection tech, with Eclipse your staff and members will need no education to have their presentations set up.

Prestige and Class

Offer world-class boardroom equipment to your members and make them feel like 1st class global executives.

Make Every Square Foot Pay

HEXA Eclipse - Meeting & Conference Presentation If you are one of the average clubs with more than 35% of under-utilized square foot, now it is time to change that.

Your member are in your club for a reason. They need to show to their customers or partners why they are a good business partner. A great boardroom or conference room will help them succeed and an efficient projection technology that can be used anywhere in your offices will make your members feel special and will make them succeed in their business. This will bring turn these members to loyal patrons and they will advocate for your club to others too.

The best solution to take advantage of your space would be a solution that does not require purchasing extra furniture, installing new equipment, or training staff. You need to minimize the loss that you already incur due to the unused spaces. So investing in stationary equipment or furniture that would only stay in one designated area in your clubs in not going to be the best answer. You should buy equipment that do not require installation and are not limited to one or two rooms. Such instruments must be multipurpose, compact, and portable and come at good price, so your initial investment will have viable economical reasons.

That is why we have built Eclipse. It can simply turn any space or room in your property to a boardroom or conference room, it has a built-in computer and it can be set with minimum effort. When you have Eclipse, your members will not only pay for the boardroom rent, they will also pay for the Eclipse rent to have a computer and projector and to impress their audience.