We are an independent technology manufacturer, who dedicate ourselves to making the best technology at the best price possible and custom design devices to maximize customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide quality technology and decrease IT costs. We strive to have the best support and change how everyone view technology to make this world a better place.


  1. 2007

    HEXA is established

  2. 2008

    Introduction of the first 7" Android tablet built by a local OEM in Canada

  3. 2009

    HEXA rolls out 2 new models of its Android devices with 8" and 10" screens

  4. 2010

    5,500 products are shipped in less than 48 hours

  5. 2011

    The first Android laptop designed by a local OEM is introduced

  6. 2012

    Google authorizes HEXA to be the first Canadian OEM to build Chromebooks

  7. 2013

    HEXA Chromebook Pi is released for education

  8. 2014

    HEXA ships 250,000 products globally and awarded by Microsoft as the Commercial Growth Hacker of the Year

  9. 2015

    Intel recognizes HEXA as Platinum Technology Provider

  10. 2016

    HEXA introduces state-of-the-art Maple series for Hospitality and Tourism

  11. 2017

    Hotel and Restaurant software is released to complement HEXA Maple devices. Over 1M devices shipped globally



HEXA’s products include laptops, tablets, tablet projectors, POS devices and more. Our team of experts put extra care into each step of the design and production of HEXA devices. We are dedicated to producing the most cutting-edge technology with the latest Windows, Android or Chrome OS. We also make it our mission to develop innovative products that encourage creativity and increase productivity for consumers.


HEXA has electronic solutions for all businesses and industries. We work with you to tailor products specific to your business. We always encourage businesses to go green and opt for paperless methods. Our electronic solutions help to reduce your IT and operation costs, and instead, help to increase profitability. We offer customization for the OS of our clients’ devices. We also custom design and develop unique software applications for your company and install them on your HEXA devices. We can also preload your own applications on our HEXA devices for you.

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