Education in One Glimpse

All possible operating systems offered
Custom-built operating systems installed on as many devices as you wish
Logo-etching offered for extra protection
Asset tagging offered on all devices
Ruggedized designs are available for all devices

Close to Zero Maintenance

Open the box and hand out the devices, as simple as that
No need to worry about maintenance. Our support team will always be there for you
Need device protection plans? No problem!
Need certain apps pre-installed on a gazillion devices? Sure, we’ll do it!

Different Operating Systems and Solutions

Click and see what devices we offer
In addition to what can be seen below, we build devices that match your requirements. Just talk to us!

Products for Education

10-inch BlueSky For Education
BlueSky 10″
8-inch Spring For Education
11-inch Pride 11 For Education
Pride 11
12-inch Pride 12 For Education
Pride 12
10-inch delta For Education
Delta Δ
chromebook alpha For Education
Chromebook α

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