Hardware Design

At HEXA we have more than 15 years of experience designing electronics and catering them to your needs.
Our experts will work with you to design the computers and tablets from the best components and based on your required specifications.

Customization of configuration and specs

Quality components

Cost-effective hardware

Brand promotion

Word-class solutions

Software & OS Design

We will build your apps in to the OS so that you don’t have to
We will take care of the OS customization
We will take care of BIOS
Just open the box and turn the device on; all your apps are there, pre-installed!
Production and Quality Assurance
We use word-class production facilities to build our devices
We have unique QA and inspection procedures
Lower than 0.2% defect rate

Packing and Assembly

Customization all the way into the box
Your message will be delivered on the box and inside the box

Distribution and Logistics

Ship to anywhere in the world
Custom-build an inventory and asset system for you
Work with you to make shipping and logistics easy and affordable
With hundreds of thousands of computers shipped, we have mastered the art of shipping computers…

Warranty and Service

Offer custom-built warranty and service structures
Offer hotlines for providing on-demand service
Build simple RMA systems for the computers we build for your company
Products for Businesses
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