Custom tablets with company design and logo are not new in the business world. As many things have gone digital in recent times, businesses are finding dynamic uses for these branded tablets. From completing business tasks to boosting customer experience, tablet use is shifting from a fancy style to a necessary tool for efficiency. Here are six ways businesses are using them to provide better services.



Over the last few years, custom tablets have become a top choice for promotional gifts due to their endless potential. Their interactive nature, longevity and high desirability turned them into the type of promotional gift that satiates the desire of a prime promotional item. This has made them become a win-win technology that closely nurtures the connection between employer, employee and clients.

No matter the business, these tablets can offer unparalleled branding opportunities. They have been extremely successful in industries such as hospitality and tourism and have been a great way to create brand awareness in conferences and tradeshows. The result is happy recipients willingly becoming you brand ambassadors as they travel to different parts of the world with a mobile device that’s calling out your brand name.


A lot can be achieved with custom branded tablets in the workplace. As tablets are highly interactive and engaging, they are becoming a better alternative for digital signage. Many retailers and restaurants find it easy to bring brand messaging and advertising close to customers from a custom tablet. This helps them to attract loads of attention while reducing significant capital investment in signage infrastructure.

Unlike traditional digital signage, customizing tablets for digital signage is cost-effective and offers comparable and superior specs such as ultra-high resolution and screen size customization. (a wide range of sizes up to 17 inches).

Their mobility and portability also make them desirable tools especially for trade shows and conferences as they can be handled and mounted anywhere with ease.

Using tablets as digital signage also eliminates the worry of expensive setup processes. Setting tablets as digital signage displays simply involve propping them on a stand, tabletop or display case. When set up, you can lock it in kiosk mode to avoid people tampering with the display screen.



Custom tablets have transformed the way hotels and resorts bring concierge services into play. These businesses are setting tablets up as self-service check-in kiosks to speed up check-ins and improve overall customer experience. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to offer quick, socially distanced services; these tablet setups become central in providing safe and speedy service that puts both customers and employees at ease.

Another way custom tablets have changed the tide in the hospitality industry is by its use as in-room tablets. With self-service applications, in-room tablets help guests easily access information, services and perks, taking the old-fashioned telephone call out of the picture.

Just a quick swipe and guests can find answers to frequently asked questions, book reservations, access the menu, request wake up calls and much more. Entertainment too can be stepped up a notch with guests enjoying games and media on tablets while push notifications alert them intermittently about hotel events and information.

Aside from hotels and resorts, these check-in kiosks are also coming in handy for movie theatres and event hosts.


As online shopping keeps getting more prevalent, the need to tailor the in-store shopping experience and create a true omnichannel shopping opportunity to suit the new media age tech-savvy audience keeps mounting. This is making many store owners take their brick and mortar store experience to a new level with tablets that reflect their company designs.

In-store tablets can be used to display buyer guides, product information, promotions and offers. They can also be used to help shoppers visualize the way a particular product is used and to offer sales based on customers previous purchases and interests.

In this new era, shoppers are ready to go somewhere else if they are not able to quickly find an answer or a product in a store. In several cases where the correct software strategy is used, tablets also offer the opportunity to identify and tie any loose ends to keep customers engaged longer and improve conversion rates.  Brands like Ikea and Mark & Spencer have adopted custom tablets to make the buying process efficient and engaging for shoppers.


Custom tablets in employee's hands have become a useful approach to improve functionality and effectually transform the way work is done.

In warehouse and stores, these tablets provide the advantage of checking inventory levels quickly and efficiently. This instant access makes for a well-organized inventory management process. Using these tablets also makes it easier to obtain feedback from customers. They are also used in check out processes as a fine solution to long queues and waiting time. Unlike the traditional bulky cash registers, a customized tablet makes the processing of payments possible from anywhere in the store. This can lead to improved sales and reduce the frustration of waiting time.

As the impact of custom tablets in the workplace keeps growing, businesses are speedily adapting to these technologies. Lowes took a step in this direction when they deployed 42,000 mobile devices across their stores in the US and Canada.


The field service industry has great use for custom tablets. These tablets allow the field service worker to improve service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

In helping to accomplish tasks, tablets take a beating too as these workers are caught up under the elements and in rough terrains. This peculiarity makes it important that tablets for field service are customized to suit rugged environments.

When deployed, they assist in asset and facility management. Some of the tasks they are used for include plant surveillance management, logistics and performance insights; and communication in real-time with crews in the field.

Also, tablets have been around the aviation industry for a decade. As technology evolved, these devices moved from just being handy tools in cockpits meant to get rid of paper charts and manuals.

They have been extended to in-flight entertainment with Qantas airways being the first to pull off this advancement in 2012. Since then, many airlines have ditched the old-fashioned backseat TV in exchange for a streaming experience with custom tablets.


As businesses are incorporating custom tablets in everyday operations, finding out how to use them to reinvent your business should be given top priority. With the help of experts, this is a simple task. HEXA offers the best tablet customization technology for any specific business need. Incorporating this tablet-based solution into your business can be all you need to take customer experience and employee output to the next level.

Authored by: Manna Chikwe 

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