Promotional tablet computers. A win-win technology giveaway for everyone

Promotional tablet computers. A win-win technology giveaway for everyone

Promotional products, branded and customized with companies' designs and logos are proven to be one of the most successful ways of making a company memorable and nurturing the clients and employees.

Promotional products industry is growing every year at a massive pace with staggering value of $24B of promotional products shipped in 2017 only according to PPAI.


$24B of promotional products sold in one year in the US only.


Almost 50% of the promotional products are given away for 4 main purposes:

1- Employee Relations & Events (read more)

2- Brand Awareness (read more)

3- Business Gifts

4- Trade Shows

When the CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises decided to giveaway 40,000 branded tablet computers to all of its employees, a ripple effect shook both tech industry and promotional products industry, showing how the combination of technology and corporate gifts is reshaping the way promotional products are being perceived.


Royal Caribbean used promotional products to improve employee retention and relationship.


 It showed how customized computer software could be used to not only improve the employee relations but also to help the company stand out among their competition and have instant access to the employees insight.

Everyone wins!

 The same happened when Westgate Resorts, the largest privately-owned timeshare company in the world, decided to treat its clients with a free customized tablet. The clients were very excited. Westgate has over 50,000 timeshare resorts in the USA only.

Westgate Resorts had a custom-built software installed on all of these tablets that would allow its clients to not only reserve for their timeshare visits but also purchase other vacations and packages directly from Westgate, adding revenue for Westgate Resorts and at the same time giving satisfaction to the clients.

 Westgate also saved millions of dollars on paper materials that they would print otherwise before they gave away tablets.


Westgate Resorts saved millions of dollars using promotional tablet computers.


 Tech promotional products based on tablets is opening a new avenue for companies to have a prestigious giveaway, while using the customized software installed on these devices to extend their reach to levels that were unattainable using traditional promotional giveaways.

Promotional tablets with logo branding

The "promotional" software installed on these devices, adds direct relationship channels with the clients. It helps the companies understand what their clients need and to cater their offerings to the always-evolving needs of the clients.


Promotional software that comes with promotional tablets, enables companies to attract clients directly to their offerings.


HEXA's promotional tablets are the most shipped tablets in the world and have assisted more than 2,000 business earn profit that was unachievable using traditional promotional products.

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