Promotional products for employee relations & events

Promotional products for employee relations & events

It is known to every employee, at any level, that free stuff given to them by their company is always good. Whether it is a free spa, paid vacation, a tool or gadget or even an appreciation letter, corporate gifts are always a good sign that tells the employees they are working for the right company. All of these make the employees feel their company cares about them and they will care about their company in return.

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While there are many amazing ideas companies can explore for possible perks and giveaways, it is always important for companies to consider a giveaway that will make their employees engage more with their company and also help them use the perks to advocate for the brand of their company wherever they go.

Everyone would love to have one of those T-shirts with Google logo or the beanies given to employees by Microsoft. When the employees of these companies use these perks, they are promoting the image of their company.

Their company is seen as a caring company and the brand of the company is advertised for free.


Employees like to belong to where they work and company gifts are one of the best ways to create that feeling.


Why give branded giveaways to employees?

Companies have experimented with branded giveaways for employees for many years and it has proven to be a great way for the company to do any of the followings:

1- Employee appreciation

When employees are meeting certain milestones, they love to see that their companies recognizes them.

According to Brandwatch, 56% of people said their impression of a company changed after receiving a branded promotional gift.

Employee appreciation


2- Employee retention

Employees love when are given attention. It tells them their workplace is welcoming and people care for each other. Companies know this is a good corporate culture and gift giving is becoming more popular among corporations.

More than 47% of working consumers said they would appreciate if an employer more if he or she gave gifts.

Corporate gifts


3- Brand awareness and PR (read more)

Giveaways to employees that carry the company's brand is a great way for brand awareness. It sends a message that says: my company is a good place to work at.

It also shows your logo and branding to the world and is a free way to make your brand memorable and recognizable.

Brand awareness using gifts


4- Employee enablement

Corporate giveaways that enable the employees to allocate more of their attention to their work are a great way to appreciate the employees and at the same time help them contribute more when possible.

Companies that use mobile technology as a part of their corporate giveaway strategy, gain an extra 240 hours of work per employee per year.

HEXA promotional tablets


5- Corporate events and milestones

 When an entire company reaches a significant milestone, it is a good thing to celebrate it by setting up events and gifting everyone within the company.

Companies such Royal Caribbean and First Premier Bank are examples of such events. These companies not only used their milestones to treat their employees, they were smart to use the events and giveaways as a great PR and advertisement for their company, generating more news and attracting even more clients.


Companies should use their gifts and giveaways to reach two goals: employee happiness and business recognition.


A real story

First PREMIER Bank in South Dakota has a great gift culture. Every year before Christmas they think about a great gift to be given to all its employees for the holidays.

But when it reached a great milestone in its lifetime in 2016 where the company had over $1B in account receivable, First PREMIER decided to give a memorable gift to all its employees, clients and partners.

The gift they chose was a fully customized tablet computer with the banks logo and branding, with a customized Bluetooth keyboard, a beautifully designed greeting card with the executives of the company's message and their elf-like photos, all placed in a nicely designed Christmas-themed gift box.

The result was amazing and it created an enjoyable wave of happiness across the company. the clients and partners also loved it, given that it was the right time and for the right season and it was not like an every-day perk they would get from their banks all the time.

First PREMIER Bank HEXA promotional tablet

 That year, anyone who was a part of First PREMIER'S community had one of these gifts under his/her Christmas tree at home, making it the most memorable gift of the company.

By cleverly giving a tech gift bundled with holidays theme to its employees and clients, First PREMIER Bank made its gift and its brand memorable for a long time.


What to avoid when giving corporate gifts

Aside from food and beverage items, 35% of gifts given to employees are desk accessories.

As a result, employees are inundated with such perks and usually find a way to get rid of them, either by giving them away to other employees or to family members.

These type of perks are easily forgotten and the company loses its chance to use its investment to create brand affinity.

Corporate gifts

Using engaging giveaways and perks such as corporate yoga classes, gift cards and promotional technology products are better ways to make the gifts more memorable.

 Corporate gifts must have a purpose. So avoid these gifts:

a- Gifts without your company brand

Examples: shirts, hats, USB keys without your logo. Make sure your logo and brand is on them. Keep your brand subtle but yet visible.

Gift cards as corporate gifts


b- Gifts that are going to be stashed away in a drawer and forgotten

Examples: too many sticky notes, paper notebooks, too many pens.

Although moderate numbers of these type of gifts are fine, when used excessively, they will lose their meaning.

 Gift that are not forgettable


c- Gifts that are difficult to use

Examples: XXLarge corporate T-shits, bulky key chains that don't fit in one's pocket, a very small flashlight

Corporate perks and giveaways


Corporate gifts should be used to make your brand memorable among employees, clients and communities.


What are the best gifts given to employees?

According to Fliplet, the best corporate gifts given to employees are the ones that enable employees and companies achieve two main things:

a- Freedom to work: this mean that when employees are given certain level of freedom by becoming mobile employees, they can contribute more to their work and also enjoy their time of working, regardless of where they are.

b- Remain productive: when employees are given certain perks and gifts that allow them to be productive while enjoying their lives, they become increasingly productive.

Work productivity with tech gifts


Companies that use mobile technology as a part of their corporate giveaway strategy, gain an extra 240 hours of work per employee per year.


Everything points to using more technology gifts

Technology based gifts are proven to be the best strategies for companies gift selections. These type of gifts meet certain criteria which are not really provided by any other gifts. These criteria are:

a- Employees engagement: employees can use the technology to have fun and also work.

b- Brand recognition: a branded technology product will make your company logo more memorable. Your company brand will be with your employees everywhere they take the gadgets with them.

It also sends the message to the viewers that your company is capable of giving quality gifts to its employees

c- Gift investment used right: a technology-based gift such as a branded phone, tablet or a PC engraved with your brand will not only help your brand grow, but it will turn your employees to better contributors to their work as they will spend more time on the devices given to them.


Technology gifts that enable the employees to contribute more and be your brand ambassadors are the most efficient gifts and the best investment of your gift budget.


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