Brand Awareness. How promotional technology can help you get ahead

Brand Awareness. How promotional technology can help you get ahead

The most important achievement of any company is to make its brand memorable. And this should be built into any organizations marketing efforts.

There are many proven ways to help your brand become memorable. Some of these methods are described with good examples here.

One of the most used methods in creating brand awareness is giving away freebies with your company logo and branding.

While there are around $24B of promotional products with branding giveaway in one year in the USA only, the industry of promotional products is growing at a fast pace as more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of brand awareness.


$24B of promotional products sold in one year in the US only.


In the meanwhile, new and innovative approaches are being taken for making promotional giveaways more efficient and less disposable by the target clients.


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The traditional approach

In the traditional approach for giving away promotional products to create brand awareness, companies would get their logos on freebies such as paper notebooks, T-shirts, pens, sticky notes, mugs etc. and would give it to their desired client in different occasions such as trade shows, holidays and meetings.

Traditional promotional products

While it is still a nice thing to give small freebies with your logo to the clients, the items given away are either disposable or are stashed in a drawer and are forgotten if the client does not use it in their daily activities.

Although a sticky note with your logo will be used at your client's office, they will not pay attention to the logo on it as they are busy with their everyday life. They will use the sticker but will not pay attention and will not memorize the logo on it.

Sticky notes giveaway

What companies should do is to make their brand memorable in the subconscious of their clients. To do so, the brand should interact with the client when they are less busy with their everyday life and are ready to pay attention.

For this, technology can help.


To make your brand memorable, it must be subconsciously integrated into the daily life of your clients.


The new approach

What if you could get your clients to pay attention to your freebies when they are less busy and available to listen?

Or what if you could make a freebie that the client will use on a daily basis, either at work or at home? This way, they will have your brand with them everywhere, and they will become your brand's advocate and ambassadors, for free.

Technology is becoming dominant in everyone's marketing endeavors and companies are using innovating ways around technology. Promotional products are not an exemption.

Promotional speaker

Technology-based promotional products are a great way to keep your clients engaged with your brand.

Headphones or power banks with your brand can be used everyday by your clients and be fabricated into their day-to-day activities. This way your clients will live with your brand and that's the exact trick large companies such as Apple, Samsung or Amazon use to remain on the memories of the end users.

Headphone promotional tablet giveaway HEXA

When using technology for promotional and giveaway purposes, there is one important thing that most of the companies miss to pay attention to.

NEVER give low quality promotional tech products to your clients. If you do this, they will remember your brand for poor quality and the opposite of what you wanted them to remember your company for.

If you give your clients a low quality headphone, they will compare that to the Bose headphone they already have and will simply give them the feeling that they were not important enough for you to be given a great quality product.


Always choose the best promotional tech products for your clients after researching the best prices you can get.


Always choose the best quality you may find. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for only one technology giveaway. Just explore your options and depending on the lifetime value of your clients, see what would be the maximum you would spend on each client's freebie.

Keyboard promotional product

When selecting your promotional tech product, you should consider another factor as well.

Is the product your are choosing interactive or non-interactive. Here is what it mean:

Non-interactive promotional tech products are the ones like headphones or speakers, which do not enable the end user to interact with anyone and anything else other than the device itself. These products do not have an operating system that enables the end user to watch movies or receive promotional content from your company.

Interactive promotional tech products are the ones like smart phones and tablet computers, which allow the end user to surf the internet, use it for any purpose of their online presence and also allows your company to send the end user promotional content.

A real story

A company such as Westgate Resorts, uses a pre-installed app on its giveaway tablet computers to not only send its clients promotional content, but also to enable the clients to book for holidays and purchase credit cards directly from Westgate Resorts.


Interactive promotional tech products offer the best results among all promotional products on the market.


This way, Westgate Resorts has become unforgettable, has created a convenient way for its clients to purchase vacation packages and reserve their next stay at any of the resorts, and get the service they want using the table, anytime.

They can also use it for any online activities they want either watching videos or browsing their social media.

Westgate Resorts HEXA promotional tablet

Interactive promotional tech products such as promotional tablets are the most effective ways for companies' efforts when trying to build brand awareness.


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 And most importantly, these products are even cheaper than most gift baskets found on the market.

HEXA promotional tablet

So depending on your budget, make sure your promotional products are chosen and consumed wisely to bear the best results for your brands and make your clients instantly satisfied.


Promotional tablet computers are even more cost-effective than many of the gift baskets on the market.


 HEXA's promotional tablets are the most shipped tablets in the world and have assisted more than 2,000 business earn profit that was unachievable using traditional promotional products.

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