Portable tablet projector with Windows 10

Amazing Uses for the Wireless Eclipse Projection Tablet

Owning a tablet gives you the freedom to explore the Internet but when you add a projection feature to it, you'll find that you can do more with it than you ever thought possible. Whether you want to watch a movie you have downloaded or need to present graphs at your next meeting, you'll love the ease and functionality of showcasing them on a bigger scale. 

Business Presentations
Take your business presentations to the next level with this innovative tablet. It allows you to remain in control over your presentation without having to worry about wires or other potential setbacks that can occur with equipment. Focus all of your attention onto your speech and get your point across effortlessly with the HEXA Eclipse. 

Watch the Latest Shows
If you've missed the latest episode of your favourite show and need to get caught up with it, don't worry about having to view it on the small screen any longer. Use a projector tablet to see your show in full view for an enhanced viewing experience.

Surf the Web 
If you have to wear reading glasses in order to see what's being presented on your tablet, you'll be able to put them away. You don't have to strain your eyes any longer since you'll be able to see everything with the larger view. You can now browse through the web and project the images and text on any type of screen such as a wall or the edge of your bookcase!

All-In-One Solution for Impromptu Meetings
This tablet provides all the functionality you'd expect from a projector and a tablet all rolled into one. It's portable, convenient to use and affordably priced. Whether you have scheduled a meeting or need tocall an impromptu get together with staff to go over the monthly budget, you'll be able to pull out your tablet on a moment's notice and show your information on the big screen.

Learn more about the Hexa Eclipse by visiting our site at https://myhexa.com/products/eclipse. You'll find that once you have a projector tablet by your side you'll wonder how you ever managed without one before. Contact us for more information!

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