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Digital display screen size have come a long way since the 1980s when sitting in front of a 22" tv offered moments of total bliss. Today, only bigger and better screens will do. And technology has given us displays like projectors to better satisfy our needs.

Just as the size of tv screens evolved, the size of projectors has become incredibly important when deciding the spec’s for your projector.

Best choice projectors today come in portable sizes. Some of them even come in sizes that can fit right into your pocket. Then there are also those in the category of portable computer and projector all in one device.

Why some people may think projectors are right only for particular types of environment, they can be used just anywhere a big screen is needed. This is why the movability of portable projectors come in handy.

So whether you like business or pleasure, or prefer them mixed, here are ways you can use your portable projector both at home and in the office.


Grabbing some popcorn for a favorite movie you put up right on a wall is a popular way to use projectors at home. But there are other fun things you can do with it.


Anything study can be boring sometimes, or a lot of the time. But you can take your group study experience to a new level of entertainment by bringing in a portable projector.

As almost all of us learn better with visuals, any information that requires our eyes gets our attention better. With attention comes engagement. And a large quality display offers the best digital visual.  This makes using a portable projector for group studies a good way to turn a boring study session to an interactive one.

By this you can save yourself the stress of carrying worksheets and heavy books around. You can also share your notes conveniently too. So nobody will have to worry about flipping pages trying to catch up with others. Also craning of necks and knocking heads together just to peer into a book will fade into the past. At the end of the day, you’ll have a seamless and engaging learning experience.

Projector for Education



Nobody likes it when things get messy right in the middle of preparing a special dish alongside a favourite chef online. We know how those moments of wiping splattering liquids off the phone screen while trying to catch up with the recipe can drive one mad.

But you can avoid such annoying moments.  Project the video right on your kitchen wall and seamlessly follow a chef to prepare that nice meal.

You can also bring in more fun right into your cooking time. Never miss watching the news or your favorite games again because you have to be in the kitchen.  To achieve this, simply set up a large display right in the kitchen and have entertainment bounce off your walls.

A large screen on the kitchen wall is also handy if you’re worried about making your children help out more in the kitchen. The fun it brings will make them love being around the kitchen a lot more.

Cooking with projector


Whether the aim is improved learning in school or home, or making bedtime more memorable, kids love screen time a lot and there’s a big learning opportunity in that. Simply get a portable projector and turn their learning process into a rollercoaster of excitement with images and motions.

For learning, you can project children ebooks on a whiteboard or a wall.  You can also add animations to widen their imagination and make the lessons stick. Nursery rhymes are also great to project for their learning. The images being large and life-like will make better and unforgettable impressions on their minds.

When it’s time for bedtime, you can transform your way of telling stories by using a projector. There are many free bedtime stories on the internet to choose from.  Get a good one and project it on the ceiling or wall and enjoy a remarkable time with your kids.

You can also be able to create your own night sky right on the ceiling with a portable projector. This is a great way to discover the stars together with your kids or by yourself. Free software like Stellarium can provide you with constellations for this purpose.

Children using projector


With a portable projector, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never painted in your life. You can be able to achieve a masterpiece even with zero experience. This is a great way to boost creativity in yourself and your kids or have a great mural on the wall of your room to show off to friends and family.

To create a wonderful painting, project a black and white image on a whiteboard or any removable surface. Then trace over the lines of the image using chalk or pencil.  Later fill in some paints when you’re done tracing.

Also sprucing up your wall with a mural you’ll be proud of follows the same process. Just that this time you will project the desired black and white image on a wall. Then also trace the lines and fill in with paint. And voila, you’ve a painting that can be eligible to compete with Picasso's art.


Artist using projector for projection mapping




Today’s business needs now require a projector that’s not perpetually stuck in the conference room. Here are some of the things you can do with a portable projector in your business.


Projection mapping is a good marketing strategy to reach a large audience without breaking the bank. It entails overlapping videos on surfaces to turn them into an interactive display.

Businesses use projection mapping to unveil products or tell stories around their brand. With projection mapping, you can bring drama and wonder to your services and products while creating a lasting impression on your audience. It great for events like launches, conferences and trade shows.


Two basic things to have for any projection mapping task are: a portable projector and projection mapping software installed on a pc. While any type of projector can be used for projection mapping, portable projectors are the most ideal. This is because of the flexibility their moveable size offer during such task setups.


Using a small screen for a video conference and trying to figure out the faces of everyone can be frustrating. This is why a bigger screen provides a more interactive video conference session. And it also ensures you don’t worry if someone is dozing off by the corner of the screen because your well prepared speech is becoming long-winded.

So if you want to get the most out of a video conference, use a larger screen, whether you're working from home or right from the office.


Video conferencing with projector


Technological advances have brought cool features to projectors of today. Many of them come with internet connectivity and are now wireless.

Much cooler are smart devices with an operating system and a projector in one place. These type of projectors like the Eclipse projector serve as a portable computer and a projector at the same time. With such a device, you won’t ever have to worry about carrying both a projector and laptop to a meeting.

These type of projector devices are also usually portable. With them, you can easily prepare, project and share documents from the convenience of one device. The stress of a setup before a meeting is also gotten rid of. They simply offer the utility of a computer and a portable projector.


Projector Eclipse by HEXA



Workplace trends have made projectors a norm for business meetings. It provides a communication experience that improves the productivity of businesses.

 If you rarely have meetings in one place, a portable projector can still afford you the opportunity of making a stellar presentation no matter the location. They can be easily moved around multiple rooms and the setup is easy for the wireless kind.

 They are also travel friendly when taking business trips. And even when you’re just seeing clients outside your office, using a large screen is a better option for presentations than a laptop.


Projector in office meeting


The large screen and flexibility of a portable projector makes it a worthwhile investment for home and office use. Because most of this type of projectors don’t require fiddling with wires and ports before you work with them, you can take them anywhere your presentation is needed. For even better convenience, you can choose a portable projector that’s a computer at the same time and enjoy it’s dual benefits.


 Written by Manna Chikwe 

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