Digital decoration, Halloween ideas with amazing visual effects using a projector

Digital decoration, Halloween ideas with amazing visual effects using a projector

If you are a parent looking for entertaining your kid, have fun and look amazing during Halloween, here is a list of wonderful things you can do for your kids.

I have explained how you may use a projector for your toddlers and younger kids somewhere else so this list mostly applies to the kids older than 5 years.

Here is the list of the cool Halloween ideas:

1- Haunted house windows

 This is one of the coolest digital decoration for Halloween. And doing it is very simple. All you need is a projector, a translucent (semi see-through) nylon screen that you can buy at any dollar store and some ghost videos that you may find on YouTube.

Here is how you put that up.

First, hang the nylon screen on your window. You will get better results if you attach the screen onto the windows from inside the house using transparent scotch tape.

Second, place your projector at a level that directly projects onto the screen. Make sure it's not slanted.

Make sure your room is completely dark. Choose a window and room that  does not get too much light from outside of the house.

This is one example video. But you do not have to do that for all of the windows. Actually, it would be more creepy if you only do that on one of the windows in your house where it's a little further from the other windows to make it like a haunted isolated room in the house.


2- Ghosts in you doorways

This one is very similar to the windows with ghosts. The biggest difference is the level of opaqueness of the screen you use. For this setup, use a screen that is more see-through than the one used for Windows. The screen must be hung down your door ways so that the videos will be projected on them. You may use a fishing string secured in the walls with pins t hang the screen.

Place the projector such that it will not be visible from outside of the doorway.

Here is a video on how it will look like. It's really scary!


3- Zombies coming out of walls

This is a simple one and does not need a screen. Just project the videos (with sound effect if you want) on the walls in a dark room and it will scare anyone, specially if combined with an abrupt start of the video.

Here is one nice video:

I think with sound on, you can make it very spooky. 

4- Giant spiders crawling up your walls

 This is similar to the zombie wall. You will just need good videos and if you like, good sound effects.


There are so many things you can do with your projector to build nice digital decoration for your Halloween.

Here is another example on outdoor holograms that can be made. This is similar to the doorway ghosts except that the setup is outside and they have managed to hide the projector well.


If you wonder where to get your videos from, there are companies like Holiday Projection  and AtomsFX  that sell DVDs or you may download their content once your purchase it. 

Also, here are some of the free videos that you can use when using your projector.


If you want to be able to move your decoration all the time during Halloween season, I suggest a small and portable projector like this one, which can be used for other purposes like business or home theater when Halloween season is gone.


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