Business and home projectors and why you shouldn’t miss out

Business and home projectors and why you shouldn’t miss out

On this post I will summarize the real facts that can help you take advantage of a projector, whether you are looking for building a home theater or are working on improving your business brand, sales presentations or even mastering your parenting skills.

It does not matter if you are looking for a cheap or sophisticated projector. That discussion has been done on another post.

To answer why you need a projector, the first thing to consider is what the projector you want will be used for.

I will categorize the “use” of the projector to two, work or entertainment. This way of categorizing is in tune with the technical abilities of the projectors too. I have explained this somewhere else.


For business

For business purposes, it is proven that effective visual interaction with your clients and prospects is the number one element in making a company successful. As a matter of fact, effective visual business presentation is 90% more effective than any other means of sales and marketing. This is a fact that you must take advantage of and use the right tools for it.

Here are the main business uses for a projector that can fulfill the need for your brand to stand out and shine:

1- Sales presentations

Keep it engaging. This is the most important thing when you are trying to convert that skeptical client to a paying customer. To make sure the client is remained engaged, a strong visual presentation is the key. So, when you are confident that your presentation is effective and built with the right flow, then it is time to use the right tool to present.

Business presentation - HEXA Eclipse projector

Yes, you can use your laptop to show it to them, but the maximum screen size of a normal laptop is 15”, which is really small, especially if you are presenting to more than 1 person at a time. So, in order to keep in engaging and professional, you really have to invest in making your presentations memorable and in order to do that, first you have to make them easy to see and with minimal effort. That’s why a large screen is important.

People make business decisions based on their visual memories and how you make them feel when you present to them. If you make everything engaging, easy to understand and memorable, they will always remember you, even after you walk out of the presentation room.

Proper investment in professional presentation skills and tools is the key to your business success. One of these important tools that must be considered is a projector and if you don’t invest in it, you may regret before you know it.



 2- Marketing and brand awareness

Only brands with proper marketing strategies, skills and tools with last.

Let me be more honest. Even if you have the best product of your industry, if no one know about it, there is no way you may succeed. So, making your brand and product recognized and memorable should be the core of establishing your business.

Brand recognition and marketing - HEXA Eclipse projector

The best strategies for brand recognition are associated with visual techniques. For example, YouTube is the most visited website after Google and all of the companies and brands keep generating contents for their YouTube channels. The reason is that humans like to consume visual content more than anything else. We prefer a video or a photo over a text or even audio material.

So, if you do not have a visual marketing strategy for your brand, the chances are your company is going to be forgettable.

TVs, projectors, billboards, website and other types of outlets that allow you to create a great visual impression of your brand should be utilized to their maximum capacity.

In this context, the projectors can be used as one of the best outlets, given their versatility, the large visual outlet they can offer and their relatively low cost. For marketing purposes, a projector can be used for variety of marketing activities such as:

  • Video mapping and projection mapping where your brand and content is projected on a large surface with a purpose to engage the clients.
  • Trade shows. More details are given in the paragraphs below.
  • Product show cases, especially for service-based businesses and on-the-go product or content introduction. 


 3- Business collaboration

Projectors encourage collaboration, which create positive atmosphere and team work, either among the employees or between you and your clients. When the work is done together as a collaborative effort, not only it makes business progress faster, but also it creates bonds between you and your clients. It helps your clients build trust in your company and get you closer to the end of the sales funnel.

Business collaboration - HEXA Eclipse projector


4- Business education

In most of the modern businesses, being able to train and educate your team is a vital first step in building a successful business. The training should not be only limited to the first day of a new team member but has to be an ongoing and essential part of your business. You must have the ability to get your team ready for the next changes and for that you need all the tools including demonstrations and projectors.

Business training - HEXA Eclipse projector

Always make sure that your training preparation is minimal so that you can set up the training in no time. So, a small and modern projector is going to be extremely crucial to achieve these objectives.


 5- Trade shows

You probably have heard that a lot of businesses attend trade shows, they endure a lot of costs and investment and at the end of the show, they will have no meaningful sales. The simple reason why this happens to many businesses is that at the trade shows, they do the same thing that every other attending business does. By just trying to hand over business cards, leaflets and brochures you are not going to make your brand recognizable among all similar businesses that are attending. Unless you have a very established brand that everyone knows of, you will have to do something that makes you memorable. Otherwise people will forget you the next day.

Trade show booth ideas - HEXA Eclipse Projector

At a trade show as a visitor, I personally try to avoid eye contact with anyone standing at his/her booth and trying to get a split second to give me their business leaflet. I strategically walk exactly in the middle of the aisle so that none of the booth presenters would find me in their “reach region”! I only run to the booth I want to and may pick up some brochures on my way. The reason I unconsciously started doing this is the fear that I had, which is I will be carrying a bag of 1,000 leaflets by the end of the day. Papers that I didn’t need and will not remember a thing about those business the next day. BUT I have come across some brands that they did not give me any of their materials, and yet I remembered their brand and once the show was done, I Googled their website and found them and started to do business with them.

Why? Because they did something at the booth that made them stand out to me, either by having a massive cake at their booth or making their logo in a 3D hologram that represented what their business was about.

Projectors are the best visual tools that you can take with you to a trade show and make your company memorable. When combined with the right content and strategy, projectors can have a massive impact on how successful your trade show can be. I have dedicated a complete blog on this subject and you can read it here.

Trade show booth ideas HEXA Eclipse projector


6- On-demand and on-the-go meetings

When doing business, you must always be ready to catch the sales that come to your way and if you do not have your tools with you to capture the opportunities, I am sorry to say, but you will regret it soon!

When it comes to meeting with your clients or colleagues, you must always have your projector and content with you so that you will be able to make the best out of the meeting and get closer to what you want to achieve.

Instant Business meeting Eclipse HEXA projector

Always make sure there is minimal effort needed to set up your projector and starting your presentation. This can be done by using the advanced tablet projector concept, which is designed for this purpose.


For entertainment

1- Home theaters

It is no hidden thing, the larger the screen from which we watch our movies or TV from, the more AWESOME would be!

So, home theaters are number one reason people buy projectors for entertainment. There are several things that you have to consider when looking for a home theater projector. The projectors under the entertainment category are usually referred to as video projectors. Video projectors differentiate themselves from business projectors in their different technical abilities in presenting moving pictures (movies) and photos.

Home theater - HEXA Eclipse projector

So, while keeping the video projectors on mind for your desired home theater and before you open your wallet, make sure you know how to choose a projector and what the key factors are when buying one. Read on those factors here.


2- Small rooms and portability

When I was a student living in a dorm, I had a 32” TV in my room. Soon I found it very challenging to move the TV around each time I had to move to a new room. I ended up buying a portable projector, which had much smaller footprint than the TV and it fit in my backpack. I still keep the same habit and do not have a TV and use my business projector to watch my Netflix too!

If you have a small space like an apartment or a dorm room, a small and portable projector with the right connectivity is the best answer to remain entertained and yet efficient!

Home theater small dorm HEXA Eclipse projector

I mention “connectivity” because when it comes to choosing a portable projector, you do not want to sacrifice on the ability to connect your projector to the right input, whether it is your laptop or your phone. Make sure the projector offers wireless connectivity, which will make your life a lot simpler. You can read on different wireless connectivity offered on projectors here.

Artist small workshop HEXA Eclipse


3- Fun-on-the-go

Often times, alone, with friend or with family (or in my case when you have a 3 years old who constantly needs to be entertained!), you will find your outgoing more memorable and fun if you could watch a movie or music or you could play a little game, whenever you want.

Sure, phones and tablets are portable, but they never offer multi-person entertainment and their screens are too small for watching a movie together.

backyard projector HEXA Eclipse

So the best thing you can have is a portable projector, with great wireless connectivity and maybe with internal battery so you can set your “home theater” anywhere you want.

A while back, in the middle of the Summer night, we did that in our backyard and everyone loved it.

The other fun thing we did, during Halloween, we used the projector to project scary stuff on our house outside walls. Kids loved it! The Halloween scene were all over our house and with moving pictures, the neighbors were “thrilled”!


4- Parents and screen time

This one is my personal experience. My son is a very active and energetic boy and for some time we were thinking to have a TV at home to keep him engaged. Currently we do not have a TV at home and we use a projector for watching everything. The biggest problems with the TVs are their installation, their heaving weight (there is a high chance my son pushes the TV off the table if we put the TV on a TV table or stand) and the last problem with the TV is the eye fatigue that they cause.

Even if you deal with the first 2 problems somehow or if you already have a TV at home, the last issues is something you will not be able to solve because all TVs cause eye fatigue, which is harmful to the developing eyes of your small children. In fact, all computer screens, tablets and phones cause the same thing and that is of the reasons you should limit the screen time for your little ones at home.

Parent and kids home projector HEXA Eclipse

I wanted to start teaching my son little things about computers but getting him to stare at a computer screen was not the right thing. So, we are using the projector we have so he can watch his cartoons and music and any time I want him to see some computer stuff, I use my projector. I have a tablet projector, so it has my computer and the projector in one place, which makes teaching computer stuff easier.

This made it really easy for us to move the “entertainment” unit to any room inside the house and also he will not be able to “demand” a permanent cinema in his room. We take the projector away, when need to be. As a parent you will do a big favor to your kid’s health and mental development using a projector. 


Last word

Regardless of whether you want the projector for business or fun, you can always choose projectors that can do both. There are projectors that offer the optimal tech specs for both needs that you may consider. So, you do not have to sacrifice on your budget. Read about these tech specs here.

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