Is Toronto the Silicone Valley of the North?

Is Toronto the Silicone Valley of the North?

Toronto's tech heart is starting to beat faster

Ten years ago the words Toronto tech scene would have been met with looks of confusion and probably concern. Today, just a little while after Alphabet announced the Sidewalk Lab project for Toronto's waterfront (QuaySide), two new tech giants, Microsoft and Intel have announced their expansion plans for Toronto. 

Microsoft announces Toronto expansion with a 132,000 square-foot headquarter in Toronto Bay Street for 2020

Right across the Air Canada Center (ACC), the new CIBC Square project, will soon house Microsoft's new Toronto based headquarters.

Tech giant Microsoft announced expanding Canadian operations to a 132,000 sqft, facility at 81 Bay St., at the intersection of Bay and Lake Shore. There was no news regarding the the current Mississauga headquarter. With the expansion there is the news of 500 new job openings, 500 new internships, and $570 million worth of investments across Canada. 
In fact, Microsoft predicted 60,000 new jobs will be created for Canadians in the years prior to the new corporate offices open their doors. 

Intel’s GPU engineering lab coming to north of Toronto, projected for 2020

Also projected to open its doors in 2020 is Intel's new graphics processing units (GPUs) engineering lab. Intel's Ari Rauch (VP and GM of Core and Visual Computing) spoke to Globe and Mail on how these new GPU chipsets will focus on professional markets of high end video editing, gaming and AI. 

Few other details have been revealed about this project beyond the purpose of this facility and it's location, just few minutes north of the city of Toronto. 

Toronto is the incubator for talent and technology

It's not hard to see that Canada is a pool of STEM talent. With technology hubs such as the Markham core dubbed Canada's high-tech capital, downtown Toronto's emerging tech innovation and startup hub, Toronto-Waterloo's tech corridor and a whooping addition of 50,000+ skilled immigrants, majority holding STEM degrees settling Toronto and surrounding areas every year, Toronto is on the fast track to become the Silicone Valley of the North. 



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