Hilton digital key HEXA tablet

A milestone for hospitality industry; Hilton launched digital key in 4,000 of its properties in 26 countries

Hilton World Wide just announced that it has installed digital keys in 4,000 properties in 26 countries across the world.

The original announcement was made in 2014 after the launch of Hilton's renowned HHonor program. The HHonor program is aimed to enable Hilton's guests to have unprecedented choice and control over their entire hotel stay with the ability to check-in and choose their exact room from digital floor plans, as well as customize their stay by purchasing upgrades and making special requests for items to be delivered to their room, on their mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Room selection and special requests for the rooms were options already implemented as a part of the HHonor program. What is new is that Hilton has equipped all of the guests rooms doors with digital locks so the guests can use their smartphones to lock and unlock the doors. Guests can go straight to their rooms upon arrival, bypassing the front desk.

For checking out, the guests will use their smartphones too, avoiding the front desk and receiving their receipts in their emails.

HEXA Maple Tablet and Charging Cradle

 HEXA Maple tablet used in digital key programming.

This is now implemented in 26 countries where Hilton has properties and Hilton is committed to continue with the program for all of its properties worldwide.

Digital key implementation by Hilton is considered to be one of the most ambitious technology projects in hospitality industry where big data, machine learning and mobile technology is enabling Hilton to serve its guests better and make better revenue management decisions.

 For this project, Hilton has partnered with companies such as Insight and HEXA, which have great track record in hospitality technology.


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