Hospitality Tablets - Designed for Hotels and Restaurants

Hospitality Tablets - Designed for Hotels and Restaurants

HEXA Hospitality Tablets

If you're in the hospitality business and are looking for tablets that will bring your business up to the next level, take a look at the selection of hospitality tablets we offer. Our HEXA units have been specifically designed for restaurants, hotels etc. and are available in different sizes and colours.

Tablets Featuring Your Brand's Colours and Logo

We are the leaders in hospitality tablets and offer custom-designed units that are built according to your specifications. Use your company colours and logo to increase brand awareness amongst your customers. These are stylish tablets that will show consumers the pride that you have in your business.

Convinient Solutions

Our HEXA design team develops innovative Windows and Android apps that will greatly increase the efficiency of your business. All of the content, menus, templates and the devices themselves can be easily managed.

HEXA packages

Whether you are operating a small restaurant that services only a few customers at a time or are running a large hotel that requires a number of units, we have the right plans and packages that will suit your circumstances.

All of the HEXA packages above come with online support so that you can get your questions and concerns answered quickly with a technical support agent. As well, all of the devices come with their own charging stations and are easy to customize according to your business needs. View the HEXA hospitality tablets on our website at or call us at 1 866-708-8020 for more information.

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