About HEXA

Who We Are

HEXA was founded in 2007 by a couple of well-experienced engineers and scientists who were passionate about creating new electronics based on advancements in technology.

1,000,000 Customers Served

At HEXA we have created devices that have helped over 1,000,000 customers learn more, do more and be more efficient in their lives. We do this by providing them with cost-effective and high quality electronics.

Future and Strategies

We are deeply committed to fostering strong relationships with all our clients. HEXA will continue to help them grow with technology as they use it to serve their business needs and meet their goals. We will continue to develop and employ the latest technologies to continuously deliver innovative solutions to our clients, at amazing values.

See how the largest cruise line in the world uses HEXA tablets

HEXA builds products that last. Watch how a quality product was built for the crew members of the most advanced cruise ship in the world


HEXA offers various services for computer customization. With our world-class skilled engineers, agile designers, and numerous professional partners around the globe, we are your one stop source for device design and solution implementation.

Hardware Design

HEXA designs the components based on the requests of its customers.

Software Customization

HEXA unites hardware advancement and software insight to creatively accelerate and transform business operations for leading companies around the world.


HEXA designs and manufactures accessories and any peripherals needed by the customer. HEXA’s creative team offers state-of-the-art solutions for any peripheral requirement.

Partners and Clients

At HEXA, we welcome business partners, distributors, investors, retail stores and anyone who has a desire to change the way the customer electronics market is being looked at.

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